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Hamsa Cup – White


A little cup of love

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Although Hamsa is the most popularly used name for the Hamsa symbol, there are many variations.

  • Hamesh: Hamesh is the Hebrew word for “five”
  • Hand of Fatima: In Islam, the Hamsa symbol is named after Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, the Prophet and founder of Islam.
  • Hand of Miriam (sister of Moses): In Judaism, Hamsa symbolizes the Hand of God and is named after Miriam, the sister of Moses.
  • Hand of Mother Mary: In Christianity, this symbol is named after Mother Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother.

For Hindus and Buddhists, it symbolizes the interplay of the chakras, the energy flow in the body, the five senses, and the mudras that effect them.

Based on the many names of the Hamsa symbol, it’s evident that it is a sacred symbol to many cultures and religions. In spite of the various doctrines, the underlying meaning of Hamsa is universally understood despite cultural or religious differences.

In large part, this is why the Hamsa symbol is so widely recognised and cherished as a symbol of protection.

The Hamsa symbol also represents the hand of God, is believed to promote health, happiness, good luck and fortune

A perfect piece to enjoy the ritual of tea in the morning.

Delicate organic shape and colour made by Holistic Ceramics in Sydney

Please note that this object has been handbuilt with love and care, any small imperfections are part of a human-made work and give the piece its special personality, thank you. 

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