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Ayurvedic Course of Body Therapies

With Dylan Smith

March 14th – May 2nd

This course program is for practicing therapists, body workers, health practitioners, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultants and advance Yoga teachers that want to share the benefits of Ayurvedic body therapies with their clients.

You will leave with a thorough understanding of these Ayurvedic body therapies, contraindications, beginning stages of pulse diagnosis alongside enjoying being part of a growing community of practitioners.

Please note: You do not receive any certificate or accreditation from this course except for the repute of receiving training from one of the most revered Ayurvedic practitioners in Australia.

March 14th

Class No.1

Foundations of Ayurveda

Learn about the origins of Ayurveda, how to recognise the five elements and doshas throughout various aspects of life and how to maintain balance. Gains tools to help treat the various imbalances with diet and lifestyle applications.

Pulse Diagnosis and Pulse-Therapy

Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool employed to figure out where any imbalance exists in the body, and what the nature of the imbalance is.

March 21st

Class No.2

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Massage 

Abhyanaga is rejuvenating full body massage that incorporates medicated oils specific to the unique constitution of the individual and the season.

It is particularly effective to stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system, pacify the nervous system, optimise blood circulation, enhance the body’s innate detox mechanisms, internally lubricate and much more. 

Special consideration is given to the Marma Points which are the special storehouses of energy and concentrated life force. Learn how to enliven the Marmas are for vast harmonious effects.

March 28th

Class No.3

Abhyanga Continued

Discussion and sharing on experiences. Refinement of Abhyanga massage.

April 11th

Class No.4

Kati, Greeva and Prsta Basti – Back, Spine and Neck Treatment

Medicated, analgesic oil is “held” by a well (made of flour), localised over the targeted vertebrae.

The oil is maintained at a comfortably hot temperature so the herbalised oil penetrates the layers of skin and deep tissues into muscle, fat (ligaments, tendons), bone, bone marrow and nerves.

Stiff & tight muscles will instantly be lubricated and softened.

April 18th

Class No.5

Introduction to Chakra Basti & Basti Basti;

Revise & refine both Abyhanga and back/neck basti

May 2nd

Class No.6

Vedic Yagya Ceremony with Pundit

A Pundit (Vedic Priest) will come to  teach a mantra to use during treatments.

It is tangibly clear that when implementing primordial sounds with mantras during treatments, the treatment becomes more effective, harmonious and gains support from nature.

The Vedic Yagya Ceremony is to embed Dhanvantri Consciousness (Divine healing capabilities) within you.

Course Dates & Cost

March 14th – May 2nd 2021

Before registering please check you will be able to attend all the dates below (note that Easter weekend & Anzac Day weekends have been excluded).












Learn with a friend and receive $100 off.

To reserve your place we require $500 deposit at time of booking with balance payable March 1st 2021. If you need a payment plan please get in touch and we can arrange.

Any questions please get in touch so we can help