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Blessing Hanuman with Gada


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BRASS STATUE / Weight .7kg
17.3CM  X 5.1CM X 5.1CM
Lord Hanuman is portrayed carrying a gold Gada Mace however it is not a physical weapon, but is symbolic of the embodiment of moral and spiritual values. It is carried in the left hand as a symbol of self-sovereignty, the authority of governance and the power to rule.
The Gada Mace is associated with supreme deities like Lord Hanuman, who was a carrier of the extremely powerful life force. Other deities include Vishnu, Krishna, Durga and the Pandav Bheema. Like earth moves around the sun and gathers life force from it and stores it, similarly, the Gada Mace moves round the body to gather life force to be used by its practitioner. The Gada Mace is a sign of bravery, immense physical strength, virility and radiance like the sun.