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Jan 23rd & 24th

Vedic Meditation

Join Rachael Sardelich to learn the art of Vedic Meditation. The Vedic style of meditation is highly effective, easy to master and backed by modern neuroscience. What makes this technique so accessible and simple is the use of a powerful unique mantra (vibrational sound) which gently lures the mind beyond conscious thought, to eventually transcend the mind completely.

Feb 8th

Yin & Meditation

Prue offers her seasonal 4 week Yoga program exploring the gunas and Mahabhuta (The Great Element) in relation to the presenting season.

March 14th

Ayurveda Body Therapies

Join Dylan Smith from Vital Veda for a course in Ayurvedic Body Therapies. Over this 6 class program you will leave with a thorough understanding of these Ayurvedic body therapies, contraindications, beginning stages of pulse diagnosis alongside enjoying being part of a growing community of practitioners.


Vedic Retreat

Details Coming Soon


Preparing for Birth

This 3 hour active birth workshop is designed to empower women/partners on their birthing journey. With a strong emphasis on addressing how our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, mindset and mis-information can affect the pregnancy and birthing outcomes. This workshop is designed for those wanting to learn the skills, tools and knowledge to apply on the day of labour and birth, create a birth plan, learn about the best health practitioners to see in pregnancy to help you achieve a healthy and strong pregnancy and birth. Learn how your partner can support you on the day so he/she feels confident.

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